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Christopher Ulivo

Heading for Shore, 2005, Gouache on panel, 38 1/4 x 51 in.

Press Release

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  • Christopher Ulivo

Susan Inglett (office) will be offering a private view of a new series of fresco style paintings by CHRISTOPHER ULIVO from 9 November to 3 December 2005.

Ulivo’s first exhibition at the Gallery imagined a world of humble woodsmen toiling heroically, or foolishly, to master a brutal, unforgiving Wilderness. Against all odds, without regard for multi-taloned monkeys or acid-rain skies, this determined breed struggled to fashion a modern world from wood and straw.

Man’s epic struggle with Nature continues in the new work. A Romantic Naturalist with a twist,Ulivo enthusiastically tackles the genre of Shipwrecks and Imperilled Mariners by taking his settlers to sea. Unlike Homer or Gericault, Ulivo is not content to let his sailors languish. Instead he heads them back to shore, where a volcanic eruption is in progress. These survivors, however, may fare no worse than the crew-necked crew who find salvation in the form of a friendly ax-wielding tribe of natives. Ulivo’s world is a double-edged sword, or more accurately, a double-edged ax, it cuts both ways.