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Bruce Conner

BOMBHEAD, 2002, Pigmented ink jet, acrylic paint on paper, 38 3/8 x 31 1/8 in., Edition of 20

Press Release

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Susan Inglett is pleased to exhibit the work of BRUCE CONNER from 8 January 2004 to 7 February 2004.

Dubbed the art world insider’s favorite outsider, Bruce Conner continues to captivate and confound. First gaining attention in 1958 at the age of 25, he spliced together bits of newsreel, propaganda film, and leader countdowns to create “A Movie”, a seminal work in the history of modern film. Forty-five years later Conner persists in his single minded pursuit to glue “the world down and make it mine” expanding his repertoire beyond film to include assemblage and collage.

Now in the 21st Century, artists have means more sophisticated than glue to remake the world. Never one to limit himself to a single medium, Conner continues to experiment, challenging both himself and the viewer. This new body of work uses the computer to create the collage, using imagery both appropriated and original to formulate new photographic landscapes and visions. More seamless, more fantastic and, following on the heels of last month’s Conner exhibition, more Conner.