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Bruce Conner

AT THE HEAD OF THE STAIRS, 1987/2003, All-cotton Jacquard tapestry, 68 1/2 x 57 1/2 in., Edition of 6

Press Release

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Susan Inglett is pleased to exhibit the work of BRUCE CONNER from 20 November to 20 December 2003. His fifth show at the Gallery, the exhibition will include drawings, collages, etchings, lithographs, and tapestries from 1970 to the present.

The subject of a retrospective originating at the Walker Art Center in 2000, curator Peter Boswell observed, “taken together [Bruce Conner’s] work looks like a one-man group show.” Never limiting himself to a single medium, a single style, or a single persona, Conner has continued to challenge us through his work and throughout his career.

First gaining attention in 1958 at the age of 25, Bruce Conner spliced together bits of newsreel, propaganda film, and leader countdowns to create A Movie, a seminal work in the history of modern film. Forty-five years later Conner persists in his single minded pursuit to glue “the world down and make it mine”. He still holds sway today not only in film but as an artist using assemblage, collage and drawing to piece together and illustrate his world view. This exhibition will focus on the two-dimensional work beginning with collages from the late Sixties. Where Conner scavenges the bins of popular culture to create his films and assemblages, the paper collages are culled from the more rarefied flotsam of 19th Century print bins. In 1970 a number of these wood engraving collages were returned to their original printed states to become THE DENNIS HOPPER ONE MAN SHOW, Volume I through III. The plates for Volume I were reworked in 1973 and have recently been editioned as TAKE TWO: D.H.O.M.S., Volume I. This show will mark the first formal exhibition of TAKE TWO as well as that of a new series of tapestries woven on a Jacquard loom in Belgium. The images for the tapestries were taken from variations on later wood engraving collages, the perfect foil for this ancient art with their strange menageries of invented mythological creatures. The exhibition will conclude with a poetic selection of mandalas, ink blot drawings and intricately patterned visions which further serve to illuminate the personal cosmology of Bruce Conner.

Dubbed the art world insider’s favorite outsider, Bruce Conner continues to captivate and confound. Moving nimbly from film to assemblage to collage to printmaking to tapestry, the work may vary in appearance and technique but it is clearly the work of a singular mind. Susan Inglett is pleased to present Bruce Conner, one-man group show.